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“I started AMP27 with a mission to deliver the online experiences that HCPs and patients demand today. We've done just that. At AMP27, we have the perfect mix of knowledge, expertise, and experience to change the game in digital healthcare communications. I'm really proud of what we've achieved so far, and can't wait to continue helping our clients to make their mark on the digital space.”

Sam Collins

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Chief Progressive Officer

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Driving digital revolution in healthcare communications


“I utilise customer, market, and brand insight to design strategic frameworks that deliver compelling and relevant communications. With a customer-centric approach and a deep understanding of our clients business drivers, my strength lies in identifying unique opportunities and solutions that drive both customer experience and a brand's commercial success.”

Hannah Neenan

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Strategy Director

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Making the complex simple


“As the Scientific Services Director, I run a tight ship. I bring the medical and scientific expertise of my team to the digital sphere through compelling copy that resonates with your audience. I uphold rigorous standards of accuracy, while delivering content that is empathetic to the healthcare consumer. AMP27 is a Veeva-accredited agency, and my team are skilled in using Veeva products.”

James Davies

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Scientific Services Director

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Crafting compelling content that keeps your audience coming back


“I'm a digital marketing wizard with expertise ranging from campaign strategy and delivery to conversion rate optimisation and SEO. My knowledge of the digital space, coupled with my 14 years in medical communications, helps me get your messages in front of the right people, in the right way. I stay on top of the latest advances in digital marketing to help our clients defy the norm, and deliver campaigns that make the difference needed.”

Jon Rayner

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Campaign Director

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Designing and delivering campaigns that make an IMPACT


“I tell everyone who interviews with us that our clients are the best, and people don't believe me until they get to meet them. Our clients are trusting, collaborative and keen to make a difference. Working as a partner allows you to deliver the best results for your brand and your patients. The digital space doesn't stand still – by delivering the right balance of purpose, information, and clarity, we can push boundaries.”

Kate Eversole

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Client Services Director

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Keeping everyone on the same page and everything moving forward


“As the Digital & Campaign Director at AMP27, I make things happen. I'm always on top of digital trends, and ensure we're delivering cutting-edge digital medical communications solutions for our clients. I've delivered difference for household-name brands both in and out of the world of pharma, including Currys and Sky. I make sure that our campaigns pack a punch, and that you get maximum impact for your money.”

Pieter Frisch

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Digital & Campaign Director

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Guiding you through the complex world of digital to deliver winning campaigns


“I use my 15+ years of experience in multichannel marketing and customer experience to help clients maximise how they organise and approach paid, owned and earned social media technologies. I've supported some of the biggest UK and global brands, across a range of sectors, and combine strong process management, consulting, creativity, and real experience of what works (and what doesn't) to deliver a difference.”

Simon Preece

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Director, Strategy

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Providing strategic recommendations for the optimal digital delivery


“All good strategies use data-backed insights to inform their tactics. I make sure that every AMP27 strategy is based on in-depth audience and subject matter understanding. With 14 years in the healthcare space, I ensure that every project AMP27 delivers offers something new, useful, and compelling to the digital landscape that will drive real engagement from its target audience.”

Steve Smith

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Senior Strategist

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Delivering deep customer understanding from the clinic and online


“Show-stopping design is the catalyst for success in any digital campaign. My team and I craft creatives that get attention. From brand redesigns to UX overhauls, social media content that makes your audience think twice to glossy e-books that HCPs want to print off and keep in their pockets, I do it all. With my expertise in digital user experiences, I build seamless audience interactions that drive loyalty.”

Santiago Cornejo

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Digital Design Lead

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Crafting bold designs and game-changing user experiences

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